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You have bought a puppy. What can you expect from it?

A dog-owner must be able to take the food from his dog or cope with its jaw at the moment when a bowl is in front of it. Underestimation of this fact can lead to irrecoverable situation! The matter is that in natural conditions the fight for food is essential. Having such genetic characteristic a sheepdog puppy reacts badly to any attempt to take the food from it. Keep in mind, if the puppy protects its food from you it means that you don't have a reliable connection, contact and when the puppy gets mature you will be in trouble. That's why from the very first days you should start establishing your right as the leader. For this purpose use a command of prohibition and do whatever you can to gain its respect for you and the members of your family.

Remember, obedience of a sheepdog doesn't mean the performance of any of your command which will look silly from a dog's view, but recognition of you as the leader of the pack. A strongly pronounced desire to be a leader is a strong point of the dog. By the way, this is the grounds of its reluctance to learn the commands of obedience and not the lack of its intelligence as amateurs might think. A natural instinct of being a leader combined with a weak relationship with the owner expressed in conflicts "around a bowl" is the main problem of a beginner in dog-ownership. It's worth noticing that the Central Asia Shepherd Dogs is more "amenable to discipline" than the Caucasian Sheepdog. It's necessary to mention two more sheepdog's characteristics that are the strong points of the breed but might do the dirty on it. Excellent health and not being fussy about food may result in the puppy's owner negligence and result in catastrophic for the puppy situation .Remember, a puppy's ability of not being fussy about the food doesn't mean that should cut down on spending on its food. All things that your puppy haven't been given properly lead to serious consequences.

Source: Book "The Caucasian and Central Asian Shepherd Dogs and other wolfdogs" by V.Vysotsky

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Seven commandments for the proper dog feeding!

The knowledge of the proposed rules will help to organize tasty, nourishing and valuable food so that the dog would develop properly and if it's still a puppy, and was always healthy. According to the veterinary statistics it is known that almost all non contagious diseases of dogs are connected with the improper feeding and the nourishment of animals.

Commandment 1. The knowledge of the needs of dogs for the energy, the nourishing and biologically active materials, which are the basis of correct nourishment. By correct nourishment is usually understood the nourishment of dogs strictly according to the standards. The standardized nourishment at the same time must be valuable, balanced and rational.

Commandment 2. When selecting right nourishment for your dogs it is necessary to consider the special features of composition, properties and nourishing value . For example, the source of food vitamins for the dogs is the damp liver, by the source of valuable protein - cottage cheese, gland - groats, nicotinic acid - millet, lecithin - buckwheat groats e.t.c.

Commandment 3. The nourishment of dogs by any one product, even by meat, is inadmissible.
Correct nourishment is provided for, among other things, nourishment on the rations, since with the selection and the specific relationship of products in the ration food acquires the new quality, which has a positive effect on mastering of the nutrients of entire ration, and it means also on the health of dogs. Composed rations should be from the products, which correspond to nature and taste of dogs. , including to the canned foods, it is necessary to train gradually to every new food.

Commandment 4. The observance of the regiment of feeding should be strict. In the concept of regime are included the multiplicity, opportunities and regularity of nourishment in the same hours, and also volume and weight distribution of the necessary ration in the course of twenty-four hours. On the volume the single portion of food must correspond to the capacity of digestive channel and ability of the organism of dog to over cure and to master the nutrients of fodder. Insufficient fullness just as overload, the digestive tract, unfavorably they affect the motor and secretory activity of bowels and the general status of the health of dog. In this case it is necessary to remember about the fact that puppies 1 to 2 months it is necessary to feed 5-6 times in a 24 hour period with the interval of 3-3,5 hours. 2-3 monthly puppies feed 4 times, a. beginning from 4 months up to the year, 3 times. The stage of intensive increase begins from the 6-month age in puppies. In this connection the need for the animal protein sharply increases; therefore the ration of dogs of the age of 6-12 months, depending on species, consists to 60-80% of the meat products.

Commandment 5. Do Not allow the overfeeding of your dogs. Any overfeeding leads to obesity, because of that they may develop different kind of diseases : heart, kidneys, liver and other. With the overfeeding by one product or another, for example, by the bones and by fatty food, dogs frequently have allergic diseases. Furthermore, because of the systematic overfeeding dog would loose exterior beauty.

Commandment 6. Strict observance of the preparation methods for the feeding, taking into account the special features of the digestion organs in dogs. Dogs from the young age must be trained to eat thick soup and liquid porridge.

Commandment 7. With the disease of gastrointestinal tract that happened die to the incorrect feeding the dog should be kept on the diet. In this case don't forget, that certain diet cures dog from the certain disease.

Source: http://jer.forum24.ru Translated by Admin


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